Kiele Jael

Holistic Nutrition Chef,

Cooking + Wellness + Health Coach



I’m a Holistic Nutrition Chef and a Cooking, Wellness, and Health Coach!

A CHamoru Island Native of Guam, resettled as a native New Yorker in Brooklyn.

I specialize in Bespoke nutrition + cooking coaching: the mindful way.

I focus on self-care cooking, making healthy living easy, and shifting mindsets about cooking to a mindful, meditative place. I invite and guide all people towards lives of authentic, easeful, joyous, health, happiness, self love, and vitality as empowered by the energy of food. Cook up the confidence!  Mindful choices, preparation, and enjoyment of food is essential to all aspects of self care. Why? Because nourishment begins within.


THE ANSWER: Everything!

Being a Personal Chef and a Holistic Health Coach is a union of food science, Eastern Medicine practice and theory, Self-Care Cooking, Elemental Nourishment and Sensual Self-Care.

I offer classes in health-supportive cooking, knife skills, tool use, nutrition plans, and specialty topics, as well as personal cheffing and consultation.

Diving deeper: I lead Retreatment Self-Care Escapes, group mentoring, personalized online cooking coaching, and education collaborations - all at your fingertips and pleasing to the palate! 


The results are delicious! Clients experience a revelation

in all aspects of their lives:

  • Confidence

  • Health

  • Energy

  • Ease

  • Relationships

  • Assertiveness

  • Strength

  • Happiness

  • Compassion

  • Inner Peace

  • Serenity

As New Yorker myself - TIME MATTERS! All my offerings are conscious that cooking and food prep is to fulfill and fuel, not to consume, stress, or over complicate. Thus you can learn and grow via mini-podcasts, videos, infographics, remote programming, education and guidance on YOUR schedule. Served up in small bites for HUGE, lifelong benefit.


Cook to Love. Love to Cook.


Because you are HUNGRY to . . .  

  • Learn to cook like a pro!

  • While learning all about holistic health and what’s good for you

  • Save money on Groceries!

  • Have a cleaner more usable kitchen

  • More time 

  • Get sick less

  • Be  confident

  • Gain regularity

  • Feel and be body positive

  • Get that “I love myself” glow

  • Smile more

  • Stress less

  • Laugh

  • Love 

Just like all intimate relationships - the one we hold with what we eat and why is as rich as any other. Invest and explore YOU. Find what fuels and feeds. Taste the benefits of a friendship to last forever  - that with you and fantastic, beautiful self! 

my story

I worked a corporate-ish career for 15 years in the hustling New York City fashion industry, killing myself with long hours, the proverbial "work life", constant traveling, working out, eating "well", thinking I am taking care of myself.... but I really wasn't....because I simply wasn't AWARE of what my mind, body, and soul really needed. I was feeling “successful” …. yet unsatisfied, unfulfilled, seeking answers from the unknown. 

And then everything changed. 

In the height of my career around 10 years ago, I got very sick with a metal toxicity (straight up nickel poising for 7 months!), and went through extreme pain, anxiety, intense head-to-toe skin lesions, and nervous system issues. After countless doctors appointments, biopsies, tons of rx drugs, and no answers from doctors, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and try the non-traditional route.

I started on the journey to heal myself through food, nourishment, and self-love.

Everything changed after that. My mindset shifted into a more healing place, and I started to take care of myself a lot more - through a whole-food education, eating well, creating healthy habits, sensual movement and rituals, I started to really get healthy and began to thrive. No matter what anyone said. I started listening to what I really needed. 

I also discovered pole dancing around that same time, and started also using movement to heal my sensual self to gain my confidence, feminine being, and self-esteem back into my hands.

I attended the prestigious Natural Gourmet Institute For Health and Culinary Arts in New York City and got certified as a nutritional chef. I decided I actually wanted to become an expert in cooking healthy food, not just become an expert nutritionist. It’s the best of both worlds.

I am also a lifelong student of eastern medicine, food energetics, holistic nutrition and sensual movement.

Through my experiences and passion, I am dedicated to helping people that this may resonate with to see what I didn't see, and to give them the tools they need to nourish themselves and understand their own personal wellness canvas - so they can thrive in vibrancy, femininity, confidence, and strength. 

Join my tribe! Cook to love = love to cook.


Chef's Training Certification in Nutrition and Whole Food Education, Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts

Holistic Nutrition, Eastern Medicine, Food Energetics Practitioner 

Xpert Pole Fitness Certification, Pole Dancer & Instructor, Sensual Movement Facilitator in NYC

BFA Graphic Design & Illustration, Pratt Institute