Customized curriculum meets personalized support.



My Coaching Is For You If 

You are inspired to learn how to heal your body the natural way and want to create supportive habits that will positively impact your life.
You are eager to understand a different approach because you have tried every diet, nutrition program, and meal plan out there, and nothing sticks long-term.
You are determined to learn about yourself, food, cooking, healing, and your authentic nourishment needs and apply it to your daily lifestyle.
You are ready to feel in control, at peace, empowered, confident, and truly passionate of your health all the times. You are ready to invest in yourself.


Here's How My Methods Are Different

  • I take my clients on a journey to shift their mindsets and to overcome their barriers in order to feel passionate about their health
  • I focus on root-cause healing by teaching ancient food wisdom based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda
  • I don’t follow any diet and do not participate in diet culture and believe that all whole, natural foods are energetically beneficial
  • I believe in educating my clients in healing food foundational education so they can understand the energetic properties of food

  • I teach my clients professional culinary skills and to feel comfortable in the kitchen so they cook with confidence, ease, and pleasure

  • I help bring out my clients sensual side by teaching them to lead with their senses and focus on creativity and intuition in the kitchen


What You'll Get In A Coaching Experience With Me



  • Virtual Bi-monthly coaching calls

  • Nourishment guidance and protocols

  • Personalized recipes with your needs in mind

  • Ancient food wisdom and nutrition education

  • Sensuality rituals, methodologies, and practices

  • Health-supportive cooking classes - super fun!

  • Recipe creating education and meal prep guidance

  • Customized wellness workbook

  • Resources, tools, downloads, and guides

  • Lifetime access to all courses and workshops

  • A network of health professionals for you to refer to

  • Access to any KJW product or program*

  • Voxer and email support 24/7


Craving a Little Less Commitment? 



  • 3 virtual 60-minute sessions

  • Nourishment guidance and protocols

  • Intro to ancient food wisdom and nutrition education

  • Sensuality rituals, methodologies, and practices

  • One health-supportive cooking class - custom to you!

  • Resources, tools, downloads, and guides

  • Text and email support


Client Results


When I came to Kiele for coaching, I had just had my gall bladder removed. I was hoping to learn about cooking with different seasonal vegetables, the various combinations of herbs and spices to make flavorful dishes, what and how to cook certain foods, and new dishes that could be staples for my weekly family meals.

I was hoping to learn tips and strategies for prepping and cooking that would be sustainable for me to implement long after my coaching sessions ended. At the start of it all, I was feeling overwhelmed by life and responsibilities, and that cooking was always a big task to undertake. In the end, I got everything that I hoped and asked for, and so much more.

I learned that I already had so much knowledge and wisdom within me, and how to trust it, how to listen to it. I learned to play and have fun with flavors and food.

I learned that each meal I cook doesn't have to be perfect, but if something's missing what to add to balance it out.

I learned knife skills and cutting skills beyond onions, garlic, and meat.

I learned to cook with ingredients I had never bought, like kombu and bonito flakes.

I learned to slow down and enjoy the prep process. I learned to engage all of my senses, all at once, not just at different stages of cooking.

I learned to see cooking as a full process, from start to finish, from prep to clean up - and to enjoy every single step.

And now, almost two months later, I am still applying these lessons each time I step in the kitchen. My kitchen has become a space to create, play, have fun, experiment, and enjoy - on my own and with my daughter.”

— Karla L.



“I did a one on one coaching session last year, following a physical injury that had me at home 24/7. She helped me not to dread cooking and to see it as a journey. I had to start somewhere.

She always heard my concerns and helped me work through them with different aspects of cooking. So grateful to have spent time with her kind soul. In my case I needed help with the basics of cooking, reshaping my relationship with cooking and one on one time to ask questions about what worked for my family.

I appreciate her creating custom recipes that worked for my family and helping me gain confidence in my cooking.

Kiele, THANK YOU!”

— Marissa E.



“I found Kiele online and studied her website to understand how she could help. After a couple of conversations with her, it became clear that she (a.) clearly knew what she was talking about, (b.) was eager to help me, and (c.) was willing to go above and beyond most others I had talked to.

I figured I’d give Kiele a try, and based our work together on very specific nutritional requirements, as determined by my healthcare professionals.

Due to help from Kiele by teaching me how to create healthy meals for three months now and working out on a daily basis, I am finally arresting control of my diabetes. My A1C was upwards of 12 three months ago, as of two weeks ago, it is down to 7, without any medication! 

Not quite there but definitely getting there. Even my Doctor was amazed by the significant decrease.”

— Farrah N.

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