FULL is a month long education and accountability experience for women striving to fully nourish their bodies, their minds, souls and lives. Though the healing power of food and cooking for sensual empowerment - conscientious procurement, creative preparation, and quick clean up.

FULL is designed for the overextended yet mindful woman focused too often on the needs of others - family, work, partners, friends - while she remains hungry, empty, dissatisfied, depleted, unsexy, and, at times, starved. She is fatigued. But she wants more. She wants her power, her health, her sensuality, her complete authentic self. Women come to FULL curious, frustrated, lost. Say so-long to worn out -and hello to woke. Be FULL of inspiration, confidence, beauty - your health, waistline, relationship, and libido will thank you!


In 30 days, FULL transforms tired into vital, weary to woke. The confused becomes confident, the spent to sexy. The power of food, self-care cooking, and courage to command you life (and kitchen) await.

Effortless cooking to fill your soul and feed your desires, fuel your dreams. Very wise, super woke.

Feel your fullest. Come into the kitchen….

Begin again. Start in the place where nourishment begins: the kitchen, to the hearth and heart of your interior house.

Join Holistic Chef and Sensuality Coach Kiele for 30 days of inspiration. 30 days instruction. 30 days of insight.

Gain practical, everyday tools such as:

  • Knife skills

  • Painless prep

  • Stress free cleanup

  • Cooking techniques

  • Conscious food shopping - How, when, where, what, and why to shop organic and sustainably sourced foods

Come away with:

  • Recipe decoding radar - all the tools to crack the cooking code intuitively. Unmask the mystery of cooking for good.

  • Grocery store ethical eating navigation - choose wisely and ethically wherever you shop

  • Wisdom to cook and eat for your body, lifestyle, and budget

  • Feeling nourished in your sensual whole-being


Expand your scope:

- Discover a more compassionate, loving relationship with yourself

- Learn to incorporate ancient medicine teachings into your postmodern life

- Shift your perspective on food and cooking to a sensual, meditative place.


FULL is a daily virtual instructional, inspirational, and introspective experience explored through mini-podcasts, mediations, nuts-n-bolts how-tos, invaluable takeaways, and one-on-one support options. FULL is an all encompassing, transformative adventure. Together we take the first steps. Tomorrow we greet your new life - in FULL. Book your FULL experience!

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