A Down Home

Self-Love Escape for Women

A Kiele Jael Retreatment

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

At The Parlour Chapel

“A woodland retreat for adventurous woke women. Explore your wild feminine wisdom, through holistic eating and cooking, self-care rituals and feminine, sensual movement.”


The world is not kind to women. We are master at our jobs, our families, we are shoulders to cry on, errand runners, multitaskers. We do our hair, slap on makeup in the wee hours, stay up late tidying up, tying up, and resetting after each long day.

Little time is allowed for celebrating our power, divinity, beauty, and the heat of sensual Goddess-hood that burns in our veins. Commit this Fall to the Mother within.

Experience a Retreatment in Sisterhood and Womanly Wisdom this Fall with Holistic NutritionChef Kiele Jael at the healing Mecca of North Carolina’s Parlor Chapel.

This retreat will contain a large dose of food prep, cooking, education about holistic nutrition and elemental nourishment, an abundance of sunshine, a lot of laughs, maybe some tears, bonding moments, heart to heart, healing, reflection, sensual empowerment, and moments to breathe.


Savory Sisters are:

  • Women of all ages, shapes, histories, backgrounds, and experiences

  • In transition

  • Questioning

  • Seeking

  • Spiritual

  • Needy and giving

  • Generous and hungry

  • Wounded from too little time, space, attention, and love

  • Yearning for a deeper connection with their vitality and sexual selves

  • Struggling

  • Recovering

  • On the edge and at a loss

  • Tired

  • Unfulfilled

  • Curious, and

  • Beautiful - just the way you are!

Savor sensual self with a Retreatment of:

  • Satiate: An experiential workshop about food energetics and elemental nourishment

  • Fierce Feminine Health: all holistic ingredients, cooking techniques, recipes decoding, and tangible tools specifically to enhance feminine health and vitality

  • Slice: A sensual knife skills class and cutting board etiquette

  • Instagrammable Eats: a thoughtful, creative plating course

  • Spice: A sensual wellness workshop for women

  • Hands-on food preparation and community cooking experience

  • The basics of digestive and sensual meditation

  • Essential meditative feminine movement with Anna Grundstrom

  • Confidence & Empowerment by Michelle Calhoun

  • Scheduled solo reflection time, inspired by reflection techniques and exercise

  • Healing rituals to bond with you Savory sisters and sensual self

  • Holistic elixirs and sensual alchemy with Kiele Jael

  • Sessions with bodywork healers, intuitive practitioners, belief clearers

  • Unique intimate opportunities to connect with Elemental Nourishment Expert, Kiele Jael

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Savory offers a unique opportunity to connect with Kiele Jael, known for her life changing program, FULL.

All Savory participants receive Power Hour Appetizers, Sister Friend referral gifts, and more!

Join us for this one-of-a-kind experience, and you’ll never eat or live the same again!

Health is here. Healing now. Life savory…

EXCHANGE: $899 (A $3000 value)


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The retreat only has 15 spots, so it’s best not to delay in reserving your spot if you’re considering this a much needed, transformative experience for your life!

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