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You would of been proud of me today. I saw a green onion starting to look sad in fridge so I decided to add it to my egg scramble this morning and my mom loved the scramble. She said it tasted great. So yay - I not only improvised but I did good chopping the veggies for the Scramble as well. I have a LONG way to go still but I have learned that with the right mindset and lots of trial and error, I can do it. Thank you for coaching me!
— Ana Espino, client

I enjoyed working with Kiele very much, she is both knowledgeable and her passion was inspiring. Kiele extremely knowledgeable and informative about food, cooking, and nourishment for women. The concept of eating for your element was a novel approach for me. As an integrative physician, I would recommend Kiele as a resource for my patients.

Dr. Tova Alladice, MD, Houston, TX

The time I spent with Kiele was literally life-changing.

Jenny Bramble, Raleigh, NC

My experience with Chef Kiele was nothing short of magical! She was thoughtful, kind, intelligent, and really understood what I needed. Her system is both intuitive and methodical, the food is well sourced and exquisitely prepared, and Kiele herself is a ball of light. You won’t find anyone better!

Dr. Jessica Linick, PhD, New York

Kiele provided healthy, delicious, and thoughtful food, cooking, and health information. She also has a clear way of educating folks on the food by presenting information on what you're eating and why it's good for you. It's clear she has educated herself thoroughly in food science and is passionate about sharing it with others. Plus she is kind, calm and lovely to work with. And her food is amazing!

Michelle Stanek, New York, New York

I have never been able to say for myself, ‘Yes, I feel empowered in the kitchen.’ My formula was always playing it safe, staying safe, and rinse and repeat. Cooking feels vulnerable to me. Chef Kiele has been able to demystify and motivate me in the kitchen in a way that I really didn’t think was possible. Her coaching is accessible, motivating, clear, and so much fun! I am looking at food very differently. Noticing and honoring my own flavor preferences, being able to balance a dish, understanding color, density, texture, and even energetic properties, I feel that cooking is now a sort of sacred act of creating. It is almost therapeutic as it is nourishing. Now, as I can feel my instincts growing, my bravery and newly empowered creativity is, too! Thank you Chef Kiele for giving me such an invaluable gift.

Tracee Kafer, Chester, NY

 I have struggled with food my entire life. For me, believe it or not, I never really loved to eat, and didn’t know what to look for in a good meal. And as a woman, we take care of our skin, our hair, our bodies... but the digestive system carries all the "weight" of daily activities. After working with Chef Kiele, everything changed. She helped kickstart a deep nutritional change for me, the way I thought about food, and the way my body processed food. And the big bonus - I learned how to cook amazing meals, all on my own, without any prior cooking knowledge or experience! Her private cooking lessons felt like an awakening to the necessity of eating right, on more of a soul level. I connect with food, my body, and my health in a whole new way, that is definitely a life-long change and investment.

Emily Keith, New Jersey