Let’s change the paradigm of cooking in your life and emancipate yourself from the shackles of mindless eating.

Join Holistic Chef, Sensuality and Elemental Nourishment expert Kiele Jael for an interactive food energetics workshop.

Women are hungry for energy, balance, and ease.

True self care begins in the kitchen.

And the end to stress starts today.

Who is this for? All mindful, curious women lost in the supermarket, blinded by choice, confused and frustrated by conflicting "food science" are invited to explore a back-to-basics experience to rebuild their relationship with food.

Cooking is a sensual ritual exploration, Kiele your guide. Satisfy your inherent needs in true independence and joy.

What’s going down? Afternoon includes informative lecture, talkback Q&A, demonstration, and empowering take-away materials. Guests enjoy special offer discounts to future Kiele Jael programs and experiences.

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