Coaching and Mentorship

In this intimate coaching program, you’ll work with ME to determine your personalized Self-care code for food, nourishment, sensuality, and pleasure. 1-month & 3-month programs available, GROUP OR PRIVATE SESSIONS AVAILABLE.

You will identify the foods that target your specific health issues or needs, whether you’re eating for energy, action, or healing. You’ll discover what foods work and don’t work for your body, how to heal health conditions and toxicities specific to you, plus recipes exclusively designed according to the energetic temperatures of food.

Sensuality coaching will equip you with philosophies and tools so you will learn how to nourish your feminine whole-being. Coaching includes cooking, eating, living, and moving with pleasure, and also covers confidence, attraction, rituals, affirmations, breath, 4-week cycle nourishment, energy channeling, and mindset shifting practices.

For private coaching sessions, we will focus on your Personal Power Foods as well as embark on a holistic nutrition and food energetics assessment applying philosophies of eastern medicine and whole food education.



Sensual Cooking Workshop

this sensual cooking “woke” workshop covers how sensuality + nourishment go hand in hand.

Eating and cooking are one of the most sensual acts we go through every single day, and we don’t even realize it. This 3 hour workshop covers why it is important to treat eating as a sensual act to connect with our bodies and health. Through understanding these fundamentals, this workshop will help you function at your best, understand what you need to heal and nourish ourselves, and to strengthen your relationship with food and your sensual being.

Food Sensual Retreat

this one-of-a-kind sensual food retreat will nourish your sensual self to attract the healthy, loving life you deserve.

Want to get really “woke”? This 3-day weekend retreat will help you reset your mind, body, and soul to see food and nourishment as the gateway to long-term health goals and feminine well-being. You’ll experience hands-on whole food cooking and education, learn knife skills, sensual movement, tantric rituals, meditation, mindset shifting practices, and much more - all while tapping into your sensual being and strengthening your relationship with nourishing, wholesome food.