Are you a messy cook? Preparer? Liver? Lover? Is your counter, fridge, and pantry a catch all of sticky, processes and pre-prepared concoctions of various ages and levels of expiration?

How are your kitchen tools looking? Not just those in your kitchen, but those of communication, commitment, and intimacy?

Sister, your body is a house, your heart lives in the kitchen. Divinity in the space where you are nourishment, bleeds health to every other limb, organ, and aspect of your feminine being.

Getting a grip/cutting to the chase of food prep is the first step towards success and confidence is all aspect of your dynamic life. Courage comes in small doses. Cut through the shit. Slice for strength.

Slice student enjoy:

  • How, when, why, where to purchase top-tier knives and accessories

  • Pragmatic knife skills for daily food preparation

  • Speedy knife and kitchen clean up tips

  • Mini Elemental Nourishment introduction

  • Insight into the connection between holistic impact Elemental Nourishment and Sensuality

Taught by a woman once broken, now well: Kiele Jael is a Holistic Chef, Sensuality and Elemental Nourishment Expert who learned to heal herself through food and elemental eating.


Like you, her kitchen and life were once in chaos, as disconnected, crowded, and careless as her overburdened, burnt out, unrealized identity and stagnant relationships. Through satiating self care, conscientious food choices, and study she was reborn - vibrant, verile, energetic, and sensual. Kiele understands the burden and fatigue busy modern life has on women - she is just like you.

Take charge of your wellness - once cut at a time!

Length: 90 minutes | Exchange: $85 pp

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