Add SPICE to your dishes, your life, your outlook.

Holistic Chef and Sensuality Coach, Kiele Jael for an afternoon of self care and sensual enlightenment. Unpack the interconnection between elemental nutrition and feminine sensual energy. Eat to live, nourish to love.

Downtrodden. Tired. Confused. What was once simple is newly mind-boggling. You pound coffee at all hours without noticing. Avoid your partner and the full length mirror like the plague. You are too young to be this disinterested in your body; your physical, and spiritual, satisfaction.

That can all be in the past. Spice is the seasoning to reawakening. Holistic Elemental Nutrition is more than weight loss, good digestion, and shiny hair. There is an integral link between what you eat, how you feel, the messages and histories we have with food and health and our vitality - in life AND love.

Channel your Bombshell self in a simple 90 minute workshop with Holistic Chef and sensuality coach, Kiele Jael. Kiele knows well the damage that over scheduling, excessive exertion, and intuitive ignorance can cause on a woman’s body and the libido. Hope and wholeness are at your fingertips.

Spice empowers women:

  • To eat and cook to feed their feminine energy

  • To indulge and explore the foods and techniques that are YOUR natural aphrodisiacs

  • To listen - needs, urges, curiosities, desires

  • To wisdom as to the multiplicity of healing food can offer

You are a Spice candidate if:

  • You are female identifying

  • Separated, shamed by, scared of, or mystified by you sensual self

  • Tired

  • Seeking greater emotional and physical connection with yourself and partner(s)

  • Struggling with achieving arousal and/or orgasasm.

  • A current or previous student of Kiele Jael ready to embrace your full pleasure potential


Spice is a confidential offering - all participants are to contribute to a safe-space atmosphere of self and community respect and empathy, Spice serves as a Sisterhood of mutual understanding, Our relationships with intimacy are precious. Visiting the intersection between food and sexual health takes courage - the sanctity of that union is our collective duty.

Length: 90 minutes

Exchange: $85 pp

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