What My Community & Clients Are Saying

"If you want healing, health, self-love, and personal satisfaction - call Kiele! Whether you see a personal chef, general, or specific wellness coaching, search no further! You will NOT be disappointed!"



Mental Health Consultant

"Kiele is an incredible individual. She is so knowledgeable about health, nutrition and food. I wasn't a big fan of cooking prior to working with her and didn't know the first thing about how to make a meal easily with my busy schedule.

She's given me the confidence to do it on a regular basis. Yay!!

I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to work with her in any way shape or form. I absolutely love her, and her approach to holistic cooking and wellness. Go hire her today!"



CEO, Brigid Ward & Co.

"Kiele is such a knowledgeable and caring soul that truly helps heal her clients mind, body, and soul through food.

Her tips and practices are easy to incorporate into your daily life and connect your consciousness with nourishing your body through food. She takes such a holistic approach to learning about each client and tailoring her program to each persons individual needs.

Working with Kiele, has made me feel empowered to make choices of food that are really serving my body and health and make me feel amazing.

As a personal trainer, I'm happy to refer clients to Kiele to dig deeper into their nutrition and learn valuable cooking skills that will serve them for a lifetime. She's a gem and I highly recommend her services for an honest, nurturing and holistic approach to overall wellness."



Pilates Coordinator, Equinox

"I enjoyed working with Kiele very much! She is knowledgeable and her passion was inspiring. She is extremely  informative about food, cooking, and nourishment for women.

The concept of eating for your element was a novel approach for me. As an integrative physician, I would recommend Kiele as a resource for my patients."



The Center for Physical Medicine & Integrative Wellness

"Kiele is amazing! She taught me so much about food and its relationship to my own body; how I can interact with food in a way that's much more sensuous and supportive of my being.

I absolutely loved working with her."



Conscious Law Coach

"I took her program and just have to share how it was easy, stress free, and took no extra mental energy. I learned that my relationship with cooking in the kitchen had a lot to do with fear of messing up, instead of just experimenting and doing something good for myself.

It's amazing how I no longer dread the kitchen, and how I could listen to each lesson on my own time, giving me a chance to digest each new bit of info!

Work with this woman! She will bring out a whole new and sensuous you!"




"Kiele is dedicated to helping people explore wellness and have a better life. I am the owner of a wellness center and I am so impressed with what she brings to the table."



Owner, Austin Wellness Collaborative

"So grateful to have spent time with Kiele's kind soul. In my case I needed help with the basics of cooking, reshaping my relationship with cooking and one on one time to ask questions about what worked for my family.

I appreciate her creating custom recipes that worked for my family and helping me gain confidence in my cooking.

Kiele, THANK YOU!"




You deserve your own love story with food, too.