Kiele Jael

Are you ready to THRIVE?

If you wake up everyday with a deep hunger to feel 100% fulfilled, vibrant, and sexy, and want a life of optimum health, great sex, a beautiful lifestyle - to thrive in all areas - because ultimately you feel as though something's missing, you lack the confidence and belief in yourself in order to actually make your dream life a reality … you’re in the right place. You know in your heart deep down that you can transform into the powerhouse that you are, be your most healthful, vibrant self, and be loved the way you truly want to ...  but you're constantly in your head, second-guessing, undernourished, holding back, stuck in your "busy" routine, and seeking answers. Let me help you stand out in the crowd like you've always dreamed of. Come work with me and watch yourself transform into the healthful, vibrant, magnetic woman.

Vitality Coaching with a

Certified Holistic Chef

Through my 3-step Alignment Process, learn your personal Self-Care Code through food energetics and lifestyle philosophies for holistic health, magnetic sex and intuitive living.



A one-on-one food energetics assessment and holistic nutrition coaching applying intuitive eating and cooking, philosophies of Eastern medicine, and whole food education. Discover how to cook well, listen to your body, identify your personal power foods, create healthy habits and stick to them, and how to heal your health conditions to create proper digestion and balanced nourishment  — plus recipes exclusively designed according to your energetics and genetics. Because there's no one way of eating!



This breakthrough coaching will show you how to thrive in your current or desired environment, and tap into how to use your intuition in every life situation, and create more emotional and environmental awareness. There are so many non-tangible threats around us, from noise, pollution, toxins, and negativity, to seasonal allergies and interior pathogens. Sessions cover how to properly deal with them, and remain grounded, healthy, finding joy through minimalism, not materialism, and how to truly surround yourself with love.



 Sensuality coaching will equip you with the philosophies and tools for sensual living and moving with pleasure. Sessions cover confidence, authenticity, the laws of attraction, magnetism, sensual self-care, honoring your perfect feminine body, the art of giving and receiving, owning your mind+body+soul trifecta, and the importance of implementing pleasure into every aspect of your life to attract exactly what you want. Because you deserve it and can get anything your heart desires.


Corporate hustlers, entrepreneurs, movement practitioners, fitness instructors.

The hard-working wives, busy moms, evolving millennials, wanderlust souls.

The 20-somethings, the 30-somethings, the 40-somethings. The ageless who want to thrive.

The constantly seeking woman that wants to find her power to attract exactly what she wants through what she needs.